Bagrat Aznauryan
Software Engineer
Current, from Oct 2015
San Francisco, CA, USA
(working remotely from Yerevan, Armenia)
Develop and maintain the core services of Sauce Labs mainly using asyncronous Python and Go, deploying on Kubernetes. Participate in on-call rotation for prompt production troubleshooting. Contribute to the CI pipelines. Implemented caching and rate limiting for the API to unload the database. Set up monitoring of services for better insights into health and production issues, which significantly decreased the response/reaction time to alerts.
Software Engineer
Nov 2014 - Oct 2015
Yerevan, Armenia
(branch of Aarki Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA)
Design scalable web services for an advertising platform, set up the infrastructure, including CI, configuration management, database design and architecture. Developed wrappers/decorators for Python to hide repeating and routine implementation tasks, which increased development and debugging time by providing more intuitive and clean code.
Software Engineer
Mar 2013 - Nov 2014
Yerevan, Armenia
Designed 3-tier architecture for an e-commerce web service using Java. Organized the CI pipeline, which increased software quality and release processes and decreased development time. Developed base classes for unit testing which increased test coding by initialising and providing all necessary resources. Implemented logic split into service and data access layers.
Software Engineer
Jul 2012 - Mar 2013
Yerevan, Armenia
(branch of be2 S.a.r.l., Luxembourg)
Developed RESTful Web Services for a matchmaking web application. Improved software development processes by setting up the development environment and writing automation scripts, which increased development productivity. Increased code coveraged with unit tests and documentation which increased the readability of the code and decreased build fails.
Embedded Software Engineer
Feb 2010 - Jul 2012
Yerevan, Armenia
(acquired by Knightsbridge Group, Vienna, Austria)
Developed a command line interface via RS232 using C language on AVR32 architecture for a proprietary wireless transceiver. Additionally, integrated a third party Wi-Fi module on same platform to enable remote wireless configuration of the radio module. Wrote technical specifications and documentations for each piece of software.